People and Living

An attempt to portray daily life in Tiilerilaaq. Hunting, fishing and a little tourism are the main sources of income for the population. Seals are hunted all year round and occasionally polar bears. There are excellent opportunities for fishing and ice fishing. The village has a local shop Pilersuisoq, church, school, service house, community house and a nursing station. Local transportation is by means of a helicopter, with scheduled flight to a nearby Tasiilaq on a weekly basis throughout the year, weather permitting. Otherwise travelling can be done by boat or in winter with a snowmobile or dog sledge. Tiilerilaaq faces challenges that many isolated communities share, its population is declining and opportunities shrink. Many residents survive on subsistence living and there are some empty and unmaintained houses. In wintertime a thick coat of snow blankets the village and transforms it into a fairy-tale winter sight.