Skiing is so much more than just making correct curves in consonance with snow. There is this special mind-and-body dynamics employed as concerted effort when skiing. And there is certainly something addictive about it.

skiing in greenland

Apart from many well-known benefits of skiing for one’s health, there is also intense human dimension and prosocial behaviour. And this mysterious dedication of skiers to get out and ski the mountain. The desire to progress and new discoveries to be made at the next  “curve”, enhancing in general life satisfaction.

After getting my ski-instructor licence in Austria, I had a few stints working in ski industry. I enjoy coaching and working with people. I travel widely for skiing and I love the excitement of testing my own limits against the nature.

I also offered skiing classes for Greenlandic children.

If you can donate your used ski equipment and sponsor skiing activities for children in Greenland, please make a contact with me.